Visiting the largest buffalo in the world…

I’ll always be a Tennessean first, but, if I’m going to live here in North Dakota, I need to embrace it. Part of that is seeing the things that make North Dakota, North Dakota. Yesterday I did a little of that by visiting the world’s largest Buffalo, which is located in Jamestown, N.D. Now, I haven’t done any research to confirm that this is the largest such beast in the world, but I’ve never seen one larger so I’m taking their word for it.

The first is a pic of me and my kids with the buffalo and then one with just me and the beast.

2 thoughts on “Visiting the largest buffalo in the world…

  1. Yes, it is the world’s largest statue, and you should have paid a visit to The Jamestown Sun while you were here.

  2. Hey Logan. You’re right. I should have stopped in, though it was a Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure I’d have found a lot of reporters around. 🙂

    It’s only the second time I’ve been to Jamestown. i like it. The hills and valleys remind me of my home state of Tennessee just a little.

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