Interview intervention: Tips to help you ace that job interview

"Just wonderful,” were the words Greg Toutges used to describe a particular resumé that came to him. It was “very readable,” used bold statements and was laid out very well.

Unfortunately, Toutges, director of career and disability services at Minnesota State University Moorhead, says that picture-perfect document was accompanied by a hand-written cover letter with poor grammar and spelling and on spiral-bound notebook paper.

As you may have guessed, the applicant didn’t get the job … or even an interview.

With only minuscule private-sector job growth for the second consecutive month, according to a recent article by the Brookings Institute, it’s not the kind of impression jobseekers hope to make with their resumés.

But if your clean, grammatically correct resumé does get you into an open job’s interview process, what do you need to do to avoid looking or sounding like a poor resumé?

Do you know how to stack the deck in your favor at the interview? Do you have a secret weapon or two up your sleeve? If you don’t, or if you just need a quick refresher course, here are a few tricks you can use during the all-important job interview.

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