The movement to bring a Cracker Barrel restaurant to Fargo has begun — I started it!

Hi there. This is Forum reporter Shane Mercer. I’m a transplant to Fargo from the South. Grew up in the great state of Tennesee. Now, Fargo is growing on me more and more, but I’m still southern to the core, and one thing that’s tough about being here is the lack of southern cuisine: fried catfish, turnip greens, etc.

But I don’t intend to take this lying down. I have created the FMRCB – Fargo-Moorhead Residents for a Cracker Barrel – to lobby the company to bring one of these southern/country food eateries to the Fargo, N.D., area. Want to be part of it? Join us on Facebook at:!/group.php?gid=103322796393979

Fargo-Moorhead Residents for a Cracker Barrel (FMRCB)

9 thoughts on “The movement to bring a Cracker Barrel restaurant to Fargo has begun — I started it!

  1. Right on Shane! I’m in! 😉

    After you conquer this feat can you focus your efforts on getting us an In N’ Out Burger for all of the West Coast transplants?? There is a month of free burgers and fries in it for you. 🙂

    • Mmmmmmm …. free burger! You know, I’ve never been to an “In N’ Out Burger” before, but I am a huge fan of hamburgers in general. Where’s the nearest one?

      • Shane,

        In N’ Out’s primary presence is in California, but they have spread to Utah, Arizona and Nevada in the larger cities – see

        Their following by California-ites is legendary. If you can get a location here I will fly you out to California and buy you the meal of your choice at the first In N’ Out in Baldwin Park (and I still stand by the burgers and fries for a month promise as well). As I said, many California-ites have a fairly dedicated loyalty to the place (some may even say they are a tad fanatical). 🙂 Whenever I travel to a place where there is an In N’ Out I eat there (at least once – typically multiple times).

        The closest one to Fargo – at least cost-wise – is Las Vegas…next time Allegiant has one of its $39 fares go check it out.

        In the meantime, lets get CB here as it is coming into the time of the year when comfort food moves to the forefront of my mind! 😉

          • I like your attitude! Let me know if your pitch is successful – I’ll buy a ticket and go with as an official tour guide – I’ll use any excuse for an In-N-Out cheeseburger and fries! 😉

  2. After traveling to minneapolis MN, Bismarck ND, Fort Wayne IN, and Nebraska, I have always wished that Fargo would have a Cracker Barrel restaurant. The food is delicious! shopping in the store is great, and the environment is so cozy. This restaurant has food anyone would love. I am certain Cracker Barrel would be a great asset to our area.

  3. yes that would be wonderful to have crackle barrel here in fargo that would bring jobs here to and i love crackle barrel it has the best burgers that i ever had and that traveling to mpls to eat there but if you had one here it would be awesome

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