Scott Hennen says he’ll be back on the air within a week; no announcement as to where that will be as of late Saturday evening

Scott Hennen

The Forum reported today:

“Recently silenced conservative radio talk show host Scott Hennen told The Forum on Friday that he’ll return to local airwaves within a week. Hennen said he’s contemplating three job offers in the Fargo-Moorhead market but wouldn’t disclose specifics.”

As of late Saturday evening, Hennen’s website carried the words “THE CHAIRMAN IS COMING BACK!” in large letters, but didn’t say where where that would be. Hennen is sometimes referred to on air as the chairman of the Common Sense Club.

In a note on that same site, Hennen’s words about the investors with whom he reached an “impasse” were respectful and appreciative.  While this process continues to unfold, I want to assure everyone that I respect and thank the investor group for their efforts in launching this company and building our beautiful facility at 64 Broadway, Downtown Fargo.”

Check out the Forum’s story: