My campaign to bring a Cracker Barrel Restaurant to Fargo-Moorhead continues

For those who haven’t been following my quest, here’s what’s up…

Fargo-Moorhead is a great place to live … mostly. The problem is the lack of southern food. I’m a Tennessee native. My parents still live in the Chattanooga area. When I go “home” for the holidays, I’m heading to the Volunteer State. Hence my need for the aforementioned southern cuisine and my frustration with the lack of said food here in Fargo-Moorhead.

What to do? Here’s what to do. I am lobbying for a Cracker Barrel Restaurant to come to Fargo-Moorhead. I established the FMRCB (Fargo-Moorhead Residents for a Cracker Barrel) with the goal of bringing to Fargo one of these institutions of hash-brown casserole, cornbread, apple cobbler, turnip greens, fried catfish, etc. At present, we have enlisted 82 members.

Would you like to see more southern food in Fargo? You can join the cause at:!/group.php?gid=103322796393979

11 thoughts on “My campaign to bring a Cracker Barrel Restaurant to Fargo-Moorhead continues

  1. YES! I love Cracker Barrels! Got introduced to one in Branson MO and have regretted none in Fargo…the closest one is in Bismarck which we eat at when we visit family in Bismarck. Let’s hope it happens! They like to be right close to the freeways and I think there should be a good spot out by the Hom furniture store on one of the major intersections of I 94 and 45th street. Go Shane!!

  2. We stop at CB often. Another southern favorite that I wish were up here is the Waffle House. They are so small, you cannot be in one without striking up conversations with the locals. I have a couple of Waffle House mugs I bought once.

    • I love the Waffle House. Great burgers. Also, the thing about the Waffle House is that it draws all kinds. Like you’ll see a guy in a shirt and tie and then some guy that you’re not sure is exactly all there.

  3. I have been e-mailing Cracker Barrel 2 times a year for the past 7 years to get them to come to Fargo.
    They always thank me and tell me that they have no plans to come here.
    Wish that they would!!!
    Their Friday night fish special is wonderful!!

    • I’ve been e-mail Cracker Barrel 2 times a year to get the to come to Bozeman, MT. They also thank me and tell me that future locations will be determined. We have one 150 miles away in Billings or 210 miles away in Missoula. Both too far for frequent enjoyment!

  4. I have a great spot for Cracker Barrel. There is a piece of empty land for sale right next to the StayBridge Suites. That would be a perfect place for them to go.
    I also want Ethan Allen and Outback Steakhouse to come back. Why do the good places always close?:(

  5. Same story in Bozeman, Montana: I email CB about twice a year, asking when we will get one. The Billings CB is 2+ hours away, and the Missoula CB 3+ hours. When in Billings, we always eat at CB, and sometimes I remind the staff there (we lived in Billings for many years prior to moving to Bozeman) that we are still waiting for our Bozeman restaurant. I mean, we’re on I-90, between Billings and Missoula, and a big tourist destination … what better place to put a Cracker Barrel?

    SO … if anyone is successful with their email and/or CB club campaign, let me know your secret to motivating CB headquarters!

  6. I used to go to Cracker Barrel all the time when I lived Virginia. I moved to Fargo in 2009 and one of the few things I miss from Virginia is Cracker Barrel. It’s a great place for friends to gather and have a relaxing meal of great comfort food. It BELONGS in Fargo. The two would go hand in hand. With the Costco going up on Veterans Blvd. off I-94 it would a be a perfect location for a Cracker Barrel.

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