Scott Hennen says he’s had “several new offers” come his way

Scott Hennen

For those following the news surrounding conservative radio talk show host Scott Hennen, I dropped him an e-mail yesterday and recieved a reply late that evening. He didn’t have an announcement about his future just yet, but said news about his decision would be coming “soon and very soon.”

He wrote: “I was hoping to have this all resolved by Monday but several new offers arrived between yesterday and today. I am using a slow and deliberate process to evaluate them all.”

Hennen was fired from his position as president and CEO of Great Plains Integrated Marketing Inc., which owns The Flag-AM 1100, where Hennen had hosted a talk show for two years.

In the e-mail, Hennen also wrote: “Please thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes and support in this time of change.”

3 thoughts on “Scott Hennen says he’s had “several new offers” come his way

  1. Scott:

    I have listened to you everyday for the last two years, what a privilege! I am taking nothing away from Chris Berg, but I hope you return to the airwaves soon within my locality. You are refreshing, right and your ideology is in keeping with the Amercian tradition and value system. What you did for our veterans via the Honor Flight speaks volume of your heart and determiniation to keep America on track. It is unfortunate that we “all” have to be politically correct to make a point that corresponds to our true value and disciplines, whether it is in a managerial, business or personal based opinion arena. (Does Juan Williams ring a bell?) Ridiculous!!!!

    Knowing and listening to you for two years, this is nothing but a small bump in the road. You will fight through this, as your intentions and faith run deeper than any external force can put upon you.

    Godspeed, you are in our prayers. Thanks, Scott. Look forward to hearing you soon. Common sense is not so common anymore.

    Bradley M. Bice
    11076 Morningside Dr.
    Dalton, MN 56324

  2. After seeing this man once, I can see why he was fired. He is ignorant, pompous, and ugly. Sort of the male Sarah Palin.

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