DEMISE OF HUMANKIND UPDATE (or something really awesome — it’s a fine line) – Ohio University Bobcat mascot tackles Ohio State University mascot

When cute mascots with oversized heads go bad, it must the DEMISE OF HUMANKIND!!!!

“Brandon Hanning, the man inside the Bobcat suit, said that the “whole reason” he tried out to be the Bobcat mascot last year was for the one moment when he could tackle Ohio State’s (mascot) Brutus,” says NBC Sports.

Bobcat attack

“Jason Corriher, assistant athletic director for Media Relations, announced in a statement that the person involved in the stunt has been banned from any further affiliation with Ohio Athletics,” reported the Athens Post.

Here’s the video of mascot for the Ohio Bobcats attacking the mascot for the Ohio State Buckeyes

Here are more details on the story:

Here are yet more details:

And I’ve never been so proud to be an Ohio University alum.