Insane stuff my kids say – Post #1

OK … I know everyone thinks their kids are unique. But mine really are … really.

I have twin 6-year-old daughters (Ariana and Talia) and a 2-year-old son (Will). They’re all very language-oriented. The girls began showing early reading skills at age 3. Will already recognizes most or all of the letters in the alphabet.

And they just do and say insane things … especially the twins.

Here’s an example. A couple of days ago, I was buckling Ariana into her booster seat. As I was stretched out trying to blindly get the buckle snapped, Ariana says something along the lines of: “Dad, you don’t smell very good.”

I had showered.

Then she added: “You smell like hot, spicy snow.”


4 thoughts on “Insane stuff my kids say – Post #1

  1. Haha! Ok, I admit, I was suspicious of your claims, seeing as I blog about the hilarious things my OWN kids say. But really. This is crazy hilarious.

    The only thing I have close to that is when we were on a road trip to Minneapolis in the minivan, and Ben (4 yrs) said, “Why does it smell like wobster (lobster) in here?”

    Also, I’m totally jealous that your kids are language oriented. Ben didn’t talk at all until 2 yrs, and not really conversationally until 3. Adam is 15 1/2 months and has yet to make an intentional word-like sound. I’m trying not to freak out.

  2. That’s funny … You know what’s about as funny as the insane things that kids say are the insane things that I hear myself saying. One day I actually uttered the phrase, “We don’t bite the doorframe.”

    And, what’s your blog addy. Free chance to plug it here…..

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