Professional clown may have to prove he can read in order to serve in Brazil’s congress (it’s okay if you need to read this headline twice)

AP Photo

There’s a headline I never planned on writing … But in Brazil, there is some question as to whether or not a clown whos stage name means “grumpy” may not be literate, and the country’s constitution requires one to be able to read in order serve in their Congress. I just wonder how well one has to read.

On the USA Today website, an AP story reports:

“Brazilians seem eager to put a clown in Congress, according to the polls. But the courts are taking a less jovial look at a new report that the comic doesn’t meet a legal requirement that lawmakers be able to read and write.

“The Brazilian Constitution mandates that members of Congress must be literate, and prosecutors said Monday they want to force Tiririca — a name that means “grumpy” in colloquial Portuguese — to disprove the allegations. Otherwise, he could be tossed from office if he wins.”

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