UPDATED: Concordia Christmas Concert review coming…. And now it’s online

UPDATED: Here’s a link to the review I wrote on the Concordia Christmas concert: http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/300612/


Written last night:

I’m sitting here in Concordia College’s Memorial Auditorium where the first installment of this year’s Concordia Christmas Concert series concluded about an hour ago. The evening featured some fine choral work, as we’ve come to expect from the CCC. It also features a fantastice mural by designer Paul Johnson. Here’s a small version of it (of course, it’s a little more impressive at it’s life-size 176 feet):

Check out the full review of tonight’s concert in tomorrow’s Forum.

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One thought on “UPDATED: Concordia Christmas Concert review coming…. And now it’s online

  1. I totally agree with the high quality of the Concordia Christmas Concerts year after year. However, you did not mention the orchestra and should! Their musical skills contribute tremendously to the concert, but the choirs get all the accolades.

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