I Auto-Tuned my 3-year-old singing “Jesus Loves Me”

I have my first real smartphone (I’ve had a couple of Palms, but they were never hooked to data so they don’t count). So you know I gots to get me some apps. One of my favorites is “Tune Me.”

This is Will at 2 years old (I think). He's 3 now. Cute, ain't he?

It Auto-Tunes anything that you sing into it so that it sounds like T-Pain music — all electronicy and whatnot. Actually it doesn’t really “Auto-Tune” your voice because Auto-Tune is a particular brand of audio pitch processor, but this sounds like it.

Here’s a clip of my 3-year-old singing “Jesus Loves Me” as processed by “Tune Me.” It’s adorable … and kinda hip (sorta like Will, himself): Will – Jesus Loves Me