WATCH NOW: Look out piggies! New ‘Angry Birds’ game available for download

The latest release in the popular (and very addictive) “Angry Birds” game franchise is available for download on mobile devices.

“The new version brings several important changes, most importantly gravity, which will allow players to use nearby planets to perform trick shots on unsuspecting pigs,” according to, a news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. (Read the Mashable story.)

Basically “Angry Birds” is a simple trajectory game in which the user tries to destroy egg-stealing pigs by launching birds via slingshot at them and the structure in/on which they’re are housed.

One thought on “WATCH NOW: Look out piggies! New ‘Angry Birds’ game available for download

  1. Hey There J,
    Cool Post, It is difficult to believe that a range of hotly-anticipated Angry Birds toys could have been created from what was once just a simple and unknown game designed to wile away a few minutes on a mobile phone. However, the Angry Birds game has become something of a worldwide phenomenon. It is the most popular iPhone game ever, remaining at the top of the iTunes download charts for most of 2010. This article aims to provide you with more information about the new Angry Birds toys and when you can expect to see them on the shelves in UK toy stores.
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