Three psychedelic self-portraits and how I took them

I don’t own a strobe (unless you count that dinky little pop-up thing built into my camera) so I haven’t had the opportunity to play around with many of the cool effects a flash can produce … until now!!!

One of my photog buddies (his blog is here) loaned me his backup Nikon Speedlight for a shoot I was going to do (but ended up not needing to). So, last night, I drove down near Hornbachers on University Drive to test it out.

What I’ve really been dreaming of doing with a strobe is using a long exposure time to create light streaks (by zooming in/out or moving the camera around) and then popping a stationary object or person with a flash to work them into the photo. And that’s what I did on the images below. I set the camera to “bulb” mode (which means the shutter stays open and the camera takes in light until I release the trigger). I held the camera in one hand and tripped the shutter; with the shutter open, I rotated the camera; then I turned the camera toward me and fired the flash (which was in my other hand) at my face. A flash is really bright and very fast and can “freeze” a subject even though the shutter is still taking in the light that exists in the area.

Here are the results (Click an image below for a larger view. See more of my pics here –