Just pull the trigger – Something I’ve learned about photography

I’m an analytical, reflective guy by nature. I pause and think and consider. It’s really a good characteristic to have when it comes to thinking things through and making big, life decisions.

But it can also be paralyzing. And it can lead to missed opportunities when quick decisions are necessary.

And when it comes to photography, sometimes you just have to quit analyzing and trying to decide if something will work or whatever and just pull the trigger, trip the shutter, take the shot. Check this out:

I got this photo 12.07.12 while just out for a drive with my mom and dad who were up from Tennessee to visit. I saw this cool, old barn and tripped the shutter at the same time I was moving the camera (called panning) horizontally. We were travelling at interstate speeds and I was shooting through a car window. Not circumstances that you’d typically think would yield a good photo. But I love what I got. The panning of the camera froze the old barn in front and some of the grass while everything else got motion blur. It’s a surreal and nifty effect. But it happened quick and I got the shot because I just pulled the trigger and hoped.

Back in the days of film, when each frame of film cost you money, you might rationalize not taking a chance on getting a blurry, useless photo. But in these digital days, if you get something you don’t like, all you have to do is hit “delete.” Sometimes you just need to quit worrying and analyzing and just press the button already! 🙂

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