Happy twinkly-laser-beam-flash-lit-snowflakes holiday

Merry Christmas to all. Here are some Christmasy photos for your enjoyment. Some are sort of laser-beamy-Star-Warsy. Others are all serious and black-and-white-sorta-abstractish.

1.  I took this one at my in-laws’ house near Gary, Minn. Before I tripped the shutter, I zoomed in on the ornament, focused and then zoomed out all the way. I set the exposure for 20-seconds and fired the shot. While the shutter was open, I zoomed in, which caused the lights to streak. Then I just allowed the camera to finish out the 20-second-exposure zoomed in so that the ornament (and the other things in the frame) was “stationary” enough within the frame to get a good sharp exposure.

2. This is an image of some Christmas lights in the Gate City Bank parking lot in downtown Fargo reflecting off the front of a Porsche SUV. I believe this one was a one-second exposure.

3. Just some frost on a window in the garage at my Fargo home. It was inspired by Minor White. You can see a famous frost photo by White here.

4. The technique for the photo below is essentially the same as that for the first photo (the one of the ornament).

5. This is my in-laws’ house in Gary, Minn. (and by “in,” I mean “7 miles from”). I took this one on Christmas Eve Eve 2012 (12.23.12). It’s at night, of course. I lit up the falling snow with the little built-in flash on my Nikon D60. I really darkened in the lower section of the image because, while the flash made the snow really come alive, it also made the ground in front look somewhat unnatural. It also made the house look more isolated by the dark, perhaps emphasizing the coziness of the home. Here’s what the image looked like before editing, if you’re curious.

Have a wonderful holiday with lots of people you love.