Strange ice form, beads of water, and a sign of spring

I took my camera out with me on my lunch break yesterday. The sun was out, the sky was blue and things were melting. It was almost as if it were spring.

On the way to my car, I spied a gutter emptying into the alley behind the old FRS building here in downtown Fargo. On the edge of the gutter a twisty, bendy ice formation had developed. It resembled a plant’s root system. It looked interesting so I stopped to snap a couple of images from either side of it. Here they are:

I was able to catch some of the sun in the background, which I think gives it a nice little highlight and some balance to the main subject. The bright setting allowed me to use a very fast shutter speed, 1/3200 of a second. Typically, I think of 1/250 of a second as the typical motion-stopping speed so 1/3200 is really fast. Because of the rapid shutter speed, the falling water “froze” in the frame really nicely for me. It’s a bit hard to tell what’s frozen water and what’s falling water, which is cool with me.

Same fast shutter speed on this one, but from this side, I got a more open view of the sky behind the water and ice. Actually, I thought that this would be the better vantage, but the other angle turned out to be much more interesting. Perhaps, part of it was just getting a more unusual angle in the other pic. Ansel Adams might be disappointed with my previsualization 🙂 Oh, well.

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4 thoughts on “Strange ice form, beads of water, and a sign of spring

  1. Shane,
    I always enjoy looking at your new posts. I think you’re doing a great job with your photos and your continued desire to experiment. Keep up the good work!

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