Well, at least this picture LOOKS like spring

That wind was brutal last night, but I didn’t let it stop me from getting out with my little D60 to take a few photographs after I got the kids to bed. That wind, coupled with the snow, makes it look and feel a lot like winter out here in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota even though it’s spring.

Even so, I did manage to get a shot that looks /summery. These little grain bins outside West Fargo were lined up all nice and cute. It looks like setting sunlight behind them, but it’s not. It’s the lights from Fargo and/or maybe West Fargo. I was surprised at how orange the sky looked in this image. It looked much more so in the image than it did in person. Night photography can sometimes surprise you like that when it comes to color.

For those interested in the nerd numbers, here you go: aperture =f/8; shutter speed=82 seconds; ISO=100; shot with a fixed 35 mm Nikon/Nikkor lens. Hope you enjoy it. You can see more of my pic here. And, if you have any ideas for great places to photograph in this part of the country, drop me a line.

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