Tips for following The Forum’s flood coverage

We at The Forum and will have tons of info on the flood in the coming days and weeks. Here are some tips on how to find and use the flood coverage that we provide.

  1. “Plus” marks the spot – Near the top of both our homepage and our flood page, you’ll find our “Flood Fight 2013” banner. Click on “Flood Fight 2013” or the little “+” sign on the lefthand side to open the banner. Inside you’ll find video as well as links to information on and beyond.
  2. Flood story stream – Our flood page is home to an up-to-date stream of flood-related stories from The Forum and the Associated Press.
  3. Our flood blog – Our staff flood blog is at
  4. Social media – Follow us on Twitter at @inforum. Like us on Facebook at
  5. Keep an eye on Areavoices – Areavoices is the blog platform for Forum Communications Company. Numerous community members and organizations have blogs there, and you’ll be able to find flood information there too. Here are some Areavoices blogs where you might find some flood-related info: FirstLink, American Red Cross Minn-Kota, the Community Flood Blog, Cass County Emergency Management (If you know of others that I haven’t mentioned, let me know). And you can follow Areavoices on Twitter.
  6. Seeing is believing – We have video feeds available from several sources on our FloodCam page. That means you can keep and eye on the river without ever leaving your house :-).
  7. Make some news – Share your own flood thoughts, memories and photos with us by emailing


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    • Glad to help out, Jon. Along with the water, there’s sort of a flood of information at this time. Maybe this can help people find what they’re looking for.

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