Sunny photos: ‘Concrete Milky Way’ and enchanted gutter water

It seemed like winter lasted forever this year. We were all about to go bonkers here in Fargo-Moorhead. In fact, I finally gave up at one point earlier this month and just decided to redecorate for Christmas (Click on this; it’s funny!).

But this weekend, it finally looked and felt like spring. It’s like the world came alive again. I snagged a couple of photos while hanging outside with my kids.

I call this one “Concrete Milky Way.” It’s just a shot of the wet asphalt alley next to my house, but the sunlight created flecks of light all over the place and it looked like stars in space to me (Click the image for a larger view).

This is a shot of some water flowing out of a gutter spout. I believe I hit this with a flash and there sun was high and bright. Don’t know how much of one or the other is responsible for the effect, but the reflecting light makes the liquid stream look like something out of a fairy tale. (Click for a larger image. Also, sorry that it’s not as sharp as it could be; I downloaded it from my Facebook page and sometimes the compression on FB hurts one’s photos.)

Hope you enjoyed the pics. If you did, here are more!