The Fargo Theatre sign backward and black-and-white

I like strange photos … you know, within reason. Lately I’ve been playing around with photographing window reflections. One of the things that makes it fun is that you get this weird blending of the objects reflected in the window with the scene behind the window. Here’s an example. Here’s another. And below is another, this one in black and white.

One thing that makes this one a little different is that (at least I think it was on this particular photo) I popped a flash/strobe through a window in the building and illuminated the inside more.

For those interested in the nerd numbers, here you go: Aperture=f/9; shutter speed=6 seconds; ISO200; fixed 35 mm Nikkor lens on my little, old Nikon D60; flash was an old Sunpak that I used to use with my FE2 (Don’t use it on my digital camera, but it works for stuff like this.) See more of my pics here.