Cool stuff you can do on your blog with menus

Hot on the heels of my recent blog post about using the text widget, I bring you a little tutorial on how to add a little bling to your Areavoices blog with a “menu.”

Note: I’ll be using the default “Twenty Eleven” theme for this tutorial. Other themes will handle menus differently.

There are a couple of ways to create a menu across the top in “Twenty Eleven.” The simplest is to just create “Pages” in the pages menu. Under “Pages” select “Add New.” (See image below; click for a larger view.)

For each page you create, the system will place an item under the header. As you can see in the pic of our Extreme Weather Blog below, the system has added links to the “about” page and the “Submit your own photo or video” page (plus the standard “home” link).

But maybe you (like me) want to do more with your menu than just link to pages you’ve created. Maybe you want to link to The Forum’s updates page¬†or something else. That’s pretty easy to do by creating a “menu.” Here’s how:

Start by selecting “Menus” under the “Appearance” heading. (See below).

Enter a name for the menu and click “Save Menu.” (see pic below)

Now you’re ready to start adding stuff to your menu. Enter links that you want to have appear in your menu in the “Custom Links” box and/or select pages you’ve created from the “Pages” box. (See below)

Once you’ve added some items, you can grab them and move them around to the order you want. (See below)

Click the “Save the Menu” button. Then go to the “Theme Locations” box and use the dropdown menu to select the menu you’ve created and click “Save.” (see below).

That’s about it. Let me know if you have questions. Find more blog tips here.