The Multiband Tower, transparent and black-and-white

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of photographic fun playing around with what I can do by “pushing” things on black and white photos. By “pushing,” I mean not worrying about keeping the image true to reality, but thinking more in terms of what (hopefully) interesting effects I can produce by making extreme changes to contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation/desaturation of different spectrum ranges, and the clarity tool. Here are examples of that technique. And here’s another.

Below is yet another example of this technique. I did the editing for this photo (and most, if not all, of the editing on the photos in the above-mentioned posts in Photoshop Lightroom.) Note a couple of things. You can click on it for a larger view. One is the blackness of the sky. The original image actually has a blue sky. But by fiddling with it, the sky blacked out nicely.  But, what I like best about this photo are the patterns created by the reflections as well as the transparent effect that the reflections have on the look of the overall building. It looks like you can see into it. The original image is below so you can compare it to the final product. You can click on the original for a larger view as well. Fun stuff! If you enjoyed this image, you can see more of my pics here.