A follow-up to “Josie’s Corner Cafe in black-and-white – Am I cheating here?”

Recently, I posted a photo of a man outside Josie’s Corner Cafe here in downtown Fargo and a discussion of that image. I took a good deal of liberty in the processing of that photo, and, in the previous post, was reflecting on whether or not I was “cheating” in my efforts to improve the photo. (Again, we’re talking about as a piece of fine art photography, not as a photojournalism piece; those are two related, but very distinct fields with different sets of ethics.)

It prompted some interesting conversation. One of my colleagues here at The Forum was curious about what the original looked like to compare it to the processed image I posted. And I’m happy to oblige. Here’s the original (Click on it to see a larger version):

The original

And here’s the processed image (you can also click on it for a larger view):

Processed image

What do you think? Have I gone too far? Is there something inauthentic about the processing I did on this image? Or am I just making the most of it? Or would you rather just not know and enjoy the final product for what it is?

Thanks for stopping by. Here are more of my images if you’d like to check them out. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “A follow-up to “Josie’s Corner Cafe in black-and-white – Am I cheating here?”

  1. Personally, I think you made the image more interesting & it tells a better story than the original 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah. One problem with the original is that I underexposed it. The rougher look helps mask that. It’s also just a fun look to get some of the downtown “grit” to show.

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