Photos: Joy, beauty and melancholy in water drops

One of the benefits of taking up photography as a hobby is that the craft trains your eye to see beauty that you might have otherwise missed or maybe not noticed as overtly. You just start to see more. The ridges and curves that the wind forms in the snow; the sunlight reflected off of a sheet of metal; the ‘texture’ of clouds; the interplay of the forms of buildings in the downtown section of the city.

And drops of water; there’s a lot inside a raindrop if you really look at it. Water drops reflect, mimic and distort the light and forms around them. I went through a phase a while back where I was drawn to them, probably in part because they were on the window a good deal. You can’t shoot or observe what’s not there, of course.

Below are a couple of examples of images from that time. (You can click the first image to get a larger view of it. The second is at full size already.) Note the way that the shapes within the drops are little (and sharper) reflections in background image. One of the things that draws me to these images are their mournful colors and mood. I like that mix of the joy of beauty with that sense of melancholy longing. I like to think that it makes them nice subjects for reflection.

It’s gratifying to find these little strokes of beauty and draw attention to them. These images remind me of just how much beauty there is in the world when I open my eyes to it (and that I should probably wash our windows 🙂 ).

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