Photos: Bold color at Gary Days; and a picture that might be happy or sad … I’m not certain

I’ve been working in black-and-white a lot lately (“a lot” being a relative term and meaning “a large proportion of my photographic time”). Part of the reason is that I took part in the “Thirty-Six” photowalk¬†Sunday in downtown Fargo, and that was a strictly B&W event.¬†(We’ll soon have a blog for “Thirty-Six” … Stay tuned!)

So it feels kind of good to share a few of my relatively recent color photos with you here. (If you like these, you can find more of my pics here.) Here we go:

June 15 and 16 was a pretty big weekend in my adopted home town of Gary, Minn. It’s my wife’s actual hometown, and we pretty much always make it in for the annual celebration. I took part in the 5K and even sang at the community church service (That’s right; Shane sings … You don’t know everything about me :-). So I guess that makes me pretty much a part of the community (whether they want me or not :-). While there, I found this very cool red truck and snagged a couple of images. Hope you like them. (Click on each for a larger view)

The boldness of the color may be in part due to the fact that I was shooting a polarizing filter. Fun stuff.

As for the image below, I’m still puzzled by it. I came across this scene while driving in rural Cass County and wasn’t sure if it was a fun, little decoration, a memorial to a child who had perished, or perhaps a maker to help some traveler find his/her way to some get-together. I do think there’s something haunting about it, at least as long as these questions remain.

There was another plush creature lying on the ground below that may have previously been hanging on the post. If anyone knows more about it, I would be interested to find out the story behind it. Contact me.