Getting trapped in the Sheyenne National Grasslands and a strange self-portrait on I-29

I wouldn’t say I got lost because, when you’re lost, you don’t know where you are. I knew where I was. My location was right in front of me on my cell phone map. I just couldn’t figure out which one of the roads (and I use that term very, very loosely) to take to get out of a particular part of the Sheyenne National Grasslands near Lisbon, N.D. My little photography outing had turned a bit more adventurous than I’d planned.

Fear does wonders for one’s prayer life, by the way, and I finally made my way to more habitable territory and on my way home. I made my way over past Kindred, N.D. and onto I-29 toward good old Fargo.

On the way toward town I snagged this fairly odd self-portrait. Sorry I look sort of evil. I gotta start getting better expressions on my face in these night images of myself. But I use a flash to illuminate my face, and it can be a bit difficult to look happy and comfortable when you know you’re about to hit yourself in the face with the full force of a camera strobe. (“Think happy, think happy, think happy, think happy ….. “Oh, my eyes!”)    🙂 Click the image if you want to see a larger view.  Click here to see more of my images.