Sunset, full moon and lightning: A wonderful night for photos

Sunday evening was an outstanding day for photography in the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area .

That evening, we had one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. The sky was just on fire. My home is in a residential part of Fargo with lots of trees and homes and blocking the sky. But, even so, I could see this beautiful glow to the sky through a window in the living room. I wasn’t planning to go out to shoot that evening, but this looked like it might be something special … and it was. So I raced out with my camera and tripod and headed westward down I-94. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the peak of the sunset, which was brilliant, but I was able to catch some fantastic color, which lasted for a good while.

And the photographic possibilities weren’t over after the sunset either. There was a bright, full moon (or near full … I’m not sure)¬†out. Then, to make matters even better, there was a thunderstorm lighting up the sky to the north. It was cherry picking for an hobby photographer such as myself.

I was out way too late, but, boy, was it fun. Here are some of the photos I captured that evening. For most of these images, you can get a larger view by clicking on the photo. I hope you enjoy. If you do, feel free to see more of my images here.

Ghost Rider of Mapleton!

In Mapleton, N.D. Such a pretty evening.

I think this is looking north between Casselton and West Fargo.

Rural Cass County.


RR Trax stretching west (I think) in rural Cass County.

There seems to be a train motif going on in my photos :-)


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