The remarkable in the common: A dandelion puffball at sunset

One of the cool things you can do with a camera is help people (including yourself) see the beautiful or remarkable in the common … or, in this case, the remarkable in the annoying.

Dandelions are a common nuisance for homeowners. They’re considered weeds. My wife has told me she didn’t understand this as a child because she thought they were pretty. She was right about their beauty. It reminds me of the morning I was annoyed by the frost that I’d have to scrape off of my car. My daughter came along and said something like “Isn’t the frost pretty?” She was right too. (Here’s my column about that interaction with my daughter).

Dandelions are easy to ignore because they’re so common. But their yellow flowers and then their puffball version are really lovely. To that point, here’s a photo of a dandelion puffball at sunset (You can click on the image for a larger view), If something so common, so normal as a dandelion is so remarkable when you take a moment to look at it, ponder how remarkable a world this must be. (#theology)