Playing with a camera downtown…

There’s a pretty good chance that if you run into a photographer, you’re running into a person who loves gear. There are so many great techno-photo-computerific things related to cameras: hunky camera bodies, sleek lenses, polarizing filters, infrared shutter remotes, big strobes, fixed lights, stuff to diffuse that light …. on and on it goes. How can you be a photographer and not love that stuff?

The other day I was going to serve as a second shooter at a wedding with a photo friend of mine. I was honored that he allowed me the opportunity because he’s good. A “second shooter” can mean different things to different photogs, but, in this case, I would mostly just be scouting out the best shots that I could find throughout the day. Cool gig. You get paid to play with a camera. And it got cooler. When he and I got together to talk things over a couple of days before the wedding, he turned over his Nikon D700 to me. The D700 is a professional-level camera while my little D60 (and it feels really little after using the D700), is very much a consumer-level camera.

What’s more, Forum photographer Dave Samson had loaned me his very awesome 80-200 mm 2.8 zoom lens. Now, that’s some pretty good gadgetry, right there. I hooked those two hosses of equipment up and headed down to downtown Fargo to get used to the D700 before the wedding (Hey, I had a professional responsibility to know the equipment). Here are a couple of photos I snagged along the way. Click on an image to see a larger view.

A downtown Fargo icon, the Black Building.


In the window of the Pinch & Pour, which sells fine oils, balsamic vinegars and spices.


A stairway along Broadway in downtown Fargo.