Meet Myrtle. She’s 104 and still quilts

Reporters spend a lot of their time interviewing people. You meet a lot of people that way. It’s one of the interesting things about being a reporter. From time to time, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to interview someone. I feel that way about Myrtle Farrell.

Myrtle is 104 and lives in Mapleton, N.D. I chatted with her at on Aug. 20. She has a humorous whit about her and she can still thread a needle. She refers to her walk as her “horse.” And she makes quilts that she gives away and sells.

Here’s the story I wrote about Myrtle. Below is a portrait I shot of Myrtle (Click on it to see a larger version). The photo ran in color in the Farmers’ Forum. But I like it better in black and white. I hope you enjoy it too.