Vivid color: Stars, a blue sky and a big barn at night

Actually, this may be a barn and it may be a grain elevator. Whatever it is, I took the picture below at night. You can see that it was a long exposure because of the star streaks. There was some strong, artificial light, which helped produce the hard contrast between the dark and light areas of the structure.

Little anecdote about this pic. My kids were with me when I shot it. I had wanted to go out and do some photography on this particular night, but my wife had somewhere to be that evening. So I loaded up the kids, put a movie on my laptop and and we headed out to the country. They got a movie night; I got to shoot pictures; and we got some family time. Win-win-win 🙂

Click on the image to see a larger view of it. If you enjoy it, feel free to check out more of my photos here.