Photos and simplicity – A dandelion puffball and sunshine

I love layered, complex photos that seem to have tons to say to the viewer. One of my goals as a photographer is to get better at building up those visual layers in my work so that it’s more interesting and, hopefully, gives something new to the viewer as he/she comes back to it at various times.

But I also am a fan of simplicity in photos. I think maybe sometimes you can overwork a subject when you should just get out of the way and let something beautiful just be beautiful. I hope that’s what I did on the two images below.

I hope you enjoy them. Click on each image for a larger view.

Out in the country somewhere, I came across this dandelion puffball as the sun was headed down. It’s a simple image, which I think (at least I hope) works well.


Some ornamental grass at my in-laws home near Gary, Minn. I don’t remember exactly what I did to this. I may have triggered the flash or maybe not. At any rate. It’s a pretty simple image, and I certainly didn’t do any fancy setup to it.