Photos of leaves – There’s a lot of detail in there!

Like a lot of hobby photographers (and photographers, in general, I’m sure), I find myself working in spurts of interest. For a while I may shoot long exposures at night; after that, I may find myself drawn to abstract form; then I might go after landscapes or images of people.

Right now, it’s close-ups of leaves and plant-life, with a focus on looking at what extreme, unusual lighting does to the subject. For example, if I take a photo of a flower with the bright, midday sun right behind it, what does it look like? Or if I shoot a photo of a leaf in the daytime, but use a flash, what will the effect be?

Often, these odd ways of lighting common subjects (coupled with the techniques used in processing the images after they’re shot)¬†give them a strange feel. I really do enjoy working some weirdness into my images. And I enjoy taking something common (like a leaf or flower) and trying to make the viewer see it in a new way.

Check out the images below (click on an image for a larger view), and let me know what you think. If you enjoy these images, feel free to check out some more of my images. Have a great day!