Sunset photos and a crazy light bubble around a leaf

We got a beauty of a sunset a week ago (Oct. 25). I didn’t know it was going to be so fantastic that night when I set out with my camera, but I’m glad I was there to snag some shots. Hope you enjoy these colorful pics. Click on an image for a larger view; the sunset shots are much better if viewed larger. If you enjoy these images, you can check out some of my others, here.

I was out with my tripod in a field taking pictures of a truck that was parked in this field (the one in the background in this photo) when I was caught off guard by the arrival of a second one (the one in the foreground). I wonder what he thought of this random photographer guy out in the field 🙂 Glad he came along though. Makes the picture much more interesting, I think.


I was struggling to find a subject to set in front of the beautiful sunset that had developed. This little creek or slough or whatever helped me out with a pretty little reflection. Fun stuff.


I love reflections. The window of a minivan may not be the first place you think of when you look for beauty, but it certainly offered up a lovely reflection on this evening.

I’ve never had lens flare appear so perfectly for me that I can recall. Thank you, sun, for this crazy light bubble!