Photos of leaves in black and white … and color

I’m on a real leaf-photography kick lately. I seem to be shooting a lot of them. They have all those cool, minute veins and little, random holes and interesting, diverse colors. Plus they’re everywhere.

Here is some fruit of my leaf-shooting labors. I hope you enjoy them. You can click on each for a larger view. If you like them here’s another leaf-photography blog post (well, I guess the post is there whether or not you enjoyed these, but you probably wouldn’t want to click on it if you didn’t like them). And here’s a link to tons of my other photos.

Took this one in my front yard.

I’m not sure where I took this one. Might have been on the way to Ada, Minn.

Took this one out behind my house.

Not sure. Maybe also on the way to Ada.

In my yard, here in good, ol’ Fargo.

This one looks all metallic!